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Get data of Bhuvan Applications, Hyper spectral Images from Remote Sensing Satellite IMS-1, The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS): Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Resourcesat-2, Ocean Wind Velocity, Ocean Wind Stress Curl, Ocean Wind Stress, Water Bodies Fraction, Model Derived Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential, Model Derived Depth of 26°C Isotherm, Ocean Heat Content, Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential, Albedo derived from Oceansat-2 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM), Vegetation Fraction derived from Oceansat-2 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) derived from Ocean

The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) operates in three spectral bands in VNIR and one band in SWIR with 56 metre spatial resolution and a combined swath of 730 km achieved through two AWiFS cameras. The catalog contains the orthorectified multi-spectral AWiFS data. The ortho-rectification process is carried out for correcting Terrain relief errors, Scale variation, Sensor attitude/ orientation and Internal errors.
Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Cartosat-1 is a along-track stereo mission. The DEM generated using the stereo images of Cartosat-1 with 1 arc sec (~30m) posting are available on Bhuvan portal of NRSC/ISRO for free download along with the technical documents. It is released as version 1.0 initially for the entire country and subsequently improved version 1.1 R1.
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