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This catalog provides Customers Feedback Captured using TRAI MyCAll App. Customers rates their experience about voice call quality in real time and help TRAI gather customer experience data along with Network data.
Data contains Internet Subscribers, Average Revenue per User and Minutes of Use per User. Average revenue per user (sometimes known as average revenue per unit), usually abbreviated to ARPU, is a measure used primarily by consumer communications and networking companies, defined as the total revenue divided by the number of subscribers.
Telephone density or teledensity is the number of telephone connections for every hundred individuals living within an area. It varies widely across the nations and also between urban and rural areas within a country. Telephone density has significant correlation with the per capita GDP of the area.
Telephone lines are fixed telephone lines that connect a subscribers terminal equipment to the public switched telephone network and that have a port on a telephone exchange. Integrated services digital network channels and fixed wireless subscribers are included. State wise no of telephone lines has been furnished in the data.
The data refers to the circle wise detail of Average outgoing per outgoing minute (CDMA).
The data refers to the detail of Gross Revenue (GR), Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR), Spectrum Charges and Pass through (GR –AGR) of two quarters of of Telecom Service Sector.
The data refers to the circle wise detail of traffic pattern of CDMA.
The data refers to the detail of Service-wise Gross Revenue, Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR), Licence Fee and Spectrum Charges of Telecom Service Sector.
The data refers to the circle wise, metro and all India detail of MOU & SMS (per subscriber per month) of prepaid, postpaid and Blended for CDMA.
The data refers to the Service Provider wise detail of Gross Revenue.


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