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This catalog contains the data related to departure of rainfall in various regions of India.
The catalog contains the data on rainfall in Karnataka.
Get month wise all India rainfall data. The sub-division wise rainfall and its departure from normal for each month and season has been provided in the data.
The data refers to Meteorological sub-division wise monthly actual and normal rainfall figures.
The data refers to details on climatological normals of district wise rainfall (in mm) calculated with the data for the period 1951-2000.
Area Weighted Monthly, Seasonal And Annual Rainfall (in mm) For 36 Meteorological Subdivisions from 1951 onwards. Subdivision rainfall data is calculated as area weighted average of district wise rainfall.
Monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall (in mm) area weighted average for the whole country starting from 1901 onwards. This data set is based on more than 2000 rainguage data spread over the country.
The data refers to meteorological sub-division wise annual rainfall figures from 2002 to 2011.
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