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National Sample Survey

The quinquennial Employment and Unemployment surveys of National sample Survey (NSS) are the primary sources of data on various indicators of labour force at National and State levels. These are used for planning, policy formulation, decision support and as input for further statistical exercises by various Government organizations, academicians, researchers and scholars. NSS surveys on employment and un-employment with large sample size of households have been conducted quinquennially from 27th. round(October 1972 - September 1973) of NSS onwards.
National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) conducts surveys on HOUSEHOLD CONSUMER EXPENDITURES ON a thin sample of households and a quinquennial survey on a large sample of households. Household consumer expenditure is the sum total of monetary values of all the items (i.e. goods and services) consumed by the household on domestic account during the reference period. The programme of quinquennial surveys on consumer expenditure and employment & unemployment has been adopted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) since 1972-73.
This survey on unorganised manufacturing enterprises was carried out by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) as a part of the 62nd round of National Sample Survey (NSS) during July 2005 - June 2006. The 62nd round was earmarked for survey on (i) unorganised manufacturing enterprises under the two-digit codes 15 to 37 (Section 'D') of NIC-2004 and enterprises under cotton ginning, cleaning and baling (NIC-2004, code 01405). The previous surveys on this subject was during the 56th round and 51st round.
This survey covering enterprises in the unorganzied sector was conducted during the 57th round ( July 2001- June 2002).The main aim of the survey was to estimate size in terms of the total number enterprises, employment, fixed assets, operating expenses, receipts, value added, etc. Information on other attributes like type of ownership, type of operation, number of months of operation, whether carrying out mixed/multiple activity, whether accounts maintained, etc. was also collected.
The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) conducted an integrated survey covering various aspects of housing conditions during July to December 2002. The link provides all information relating to the survey.
This is the first survey exclusively covering enterprises in the informal sector conducted by the NSSO. It covers all informal enterprises in the non-agricultural sector of the economy, excluding those engaged in mining & quarrying and electricity, gas & water supply. NIC codes to identify the enterprises in this round will be as per NIC 1998. The enterprises in the informal sector have been divided into six broad industry groups, viz.
This survey of unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises was conducted by NSSO as part of the coverage of unorganised sector, during the 67th round (July 2010 to June 20ll). The survey covered economic and operational characteristics of unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises in manufacturing, trade and other service sector (excluding construction).
National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) carried out an all-India survey on unorganised manufacturing enterprise as a part of the 62nd round of during July 2005 - June 2006. It covered unorganised manufacturing enterprises under the two-digit codes 15 to 37 (Section 'D') of NIC-2004 and enterprises under cotton ginning, cleaning and baling (NIC-2004, code 01405).
Domestic tourism in a country has both economic and social importance. In order to understand the various aspects of domestic tourism and its contribution to the economy, the NSSO conducted a survey during its 65th round (July 2008-June 2009).The survey was designed to collect detailed information on 'domestic tourism' in India through a household survey to provide a comprehensive assessment of household characteristics, visitor characteristics, trip characteristics and expenditure characteristics.
The catalogue contains complete metadata of all NSS Surveys being disseminated by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The metadata is maintained as per DDI standard. The catalogue will be regularly updated.
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