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Get Data on year wise Expiry of Mining Leases and Leasewise area ( in hect. ). Data has been generated by Indian Bureau of Mines.
The data refers to the performance of Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) under various Schemes during Twelfth Five Year Plan and beyond that. Various schemes are Inspection of Mines for Scientific and Systematic mining, mineral conservation and mines environment, Mineral Beneficiation Studies – utilization of low grade and sub-grade ores and analysis of environmental samples, Technological upgradation and Modernization,Collection, processing, dissemination of data on mines and minerals through various publications.
The data refers to All India (2000-01 to 2010-11) and State-wise (2009-10 and 2010-11) figures for Mining Production of minerals and ores by selected items such as a). Fuels - Coal, Lignite, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Crude; b). Metallic Minerals - Bauxite, Chromite, Copper Concentrate, Gold, Iron Ore, Lead Concentrate, Manganese Ore, Zinc Concentrate; c). Non-Metallic Minerals - Apatite, Asbestos, Barytes, Diamond, Dolomite, Felspar, Fire-clay, Gypsum, Kaolin, Kyanite, Lime-stone, Magnesite, Mica, Phosphorite, Pyrites, Salt, Sillimanite, Steatite, Varmiculite.
The data refers to State-wise (2009-10 and 2010-11) and All India (2000-01 to 2010-11) details on the number of reporting mines in India such as Fuels, Metallic Minerals, Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals.
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