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Defence Product and technology

The data refers to salient features of Armament products such as 84 mm Light Weight Launcher, Shell 105 mm IFG Illuminating 2A, Mortar Bomb Illuminating 81 mm Mk-II. Armament laboratories of DRDO are involved in the development of arms and ammunition required for land warfare as well as air delivered bombs. DRDO has made significant contributions in the indigenisation of small arms, mortars, RPGs, disposable RLs, mines, bombs and ammunitions.
DRDO exhibited its capability by developing the state-of-the-art electronic systems, which include Communication, Command and Control Systems, Radars, Electronic Warfare and Electro-optical systems. There is also Significant achievement of technology development in the areas of Advanced Computing, Image Processing, Microwave Tubes, Solid-state Materials, Devices and Lasers. Over the years DRDO has developed many outstanding technologies and product.
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