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Selected Economic Indicator in Punjab (Rural Area)

Catalog Info

The catalog contains the data related to Density of Population, Percentage of (Literates, Schedule Castes, Workers, Agricultural Workers to total Population), Percentage of Agricultural Workers to total Workers, Gross Area Sown, Net Area Sown per Agricultural Worker, Intensity of Cropping, Percentage of Area under H.Y.V of Wheat, Paddy, MAIZE to Total Cropped Area of Wheat, Paddy and MAIZE respectively, Percentage of Net Irrigated Area to Net Area Sown, Number of Tractors per 1000 Hectare(Net Area Sown, Live Stock Population per Veterinary Institution, percentage of Villages with drinking water scarcity to total inhabited villages, percentage of Villages with drinking water scarcity where water supply schemes commissioned to total scarcity villages, Population served per Medical Institutions, Per Primary School, Per Middle School, Per High/Senior Secondary School, Percentage of Inhabited Villages linked with Pucca Roads, Population per Cooperative Society/Members of Cooperative Societies per 1000 Population, Population Served per Commercial Bank, Area served per Market Committee and Population served per Post Office in Punjab.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Harvinder Singh
Joint Director
Ministry/State/Department: Punjab, Planning Department, Punjab, Department of Economic and Statistical Organization, Punjab
  • +91 1722660254
Vit-Te-Yojana Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Plot no. 2B, Sector 33 A, Chandigarh.