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Get the data on Organizational structure of the Department of Posts.
Instant Money Order (iMO) is an instant web based money transfer service through Post Offices (iMO Centre) in India between two resident individuals in Indian territory. Money from INR 1,000/- to INR 50,000/- can be transferred from designated iMO Post Offices. The data set contain the list of Post offices (Circle wise) performing IMO service.
Backed by Universal Postal Union, EMS Speed Post offers economical and faster service to 97 foreign countries. International Speed Post tariff and names of the Countries can be seen from the data.
Please publish dataset about pincode, post office name, city, state This will be very, very useful for mapping purposes. The current number of pincodes and post office names are lakhs, but publicly available are only about 20,000. This is definitely needed. regards Sandeep


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