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The data refers to State-wise number and paid-up capital of Public Companies and Private Companies at work as on 31st March from 2010 to 2011.
The data refers to the number and paid-up capital of Public Companies and Private Companies at work by Industrial activity such as Agriculture and Allied Activities, Mining and Quarrying, Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas and Water, Constructions, Wholesale & Retail Trade and Restaurants and Hotels, Transport, Storage and Communication, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services, Community, Social and Personal Services and Unclassified as on 31st March from 2001 to 2011.
The data refers to state/UT-wise details of companies (public and private) newly registered by major classification (Number and Authorised Capital) as on 31st March 2009-10.
data for sources and application of foreign funds per State over past ten years? How much was FDI? FIIS?NRIs
Data regarding total amount of OFDI in last 10 yrs with the names of entities and the amount invested in companies abroad.
Get Macro Economic Indicators Summary Statistics of India.
list of newly incorporated companies in india.
Retail outlets (customer locations, store sites) Presence of several international brands in certain areas could give the standard of living of the people residing in that area. It could also suggest an economically developing area. Prices for various commodities could be set accordingly(BPL- low)
Import ,Export Products and price Data(Foreign Trade) will useful for new Entrepreneurs and Farmers and People.Which Govt website providing above Foreign Trade Data?
Is it possible to include details of import and export (whichever items are imported and exported, how much and to/from which country. If the agreement by which the trade is undertaken is also shown, the better.)? I would also like to see state-wise details of the same.


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