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Rajya Sabha

(English) The data refers to details regarding various sections in Rajya Sabha along with the name of Executive/Committee/Legislative/Protocol/Research Officer/Section in-charge.
(English) It shows the birthday list of Rajya Sabha members on the present date.
(English) List of Rajya Sabha members who's birthday falls in the month of September. The list includes the member name, date of birth, party name and state.
(English) This provides information on daily list of Rajya Sabha starred questions. Such questions are generally to be answered orally and is distinguished by an asterisk.
(English) This provides information on nominated members of Rajya Sabha.
(English) This provides information on daily list of Rajya Sabha unstarred questions. Such questions are not called for oral answer in the House and the written answer to such a question is deemed to have been Laid on the Table.
(English) This provides information on number of seats and Rajya Sabha members strength by state.
(English) The synopsis contains a brief record of speeches of members made during Special Mention, Short Duration Discussions, Discussions on Bills, Motions or Resolutions, etc. It is not an authoritative record of the proceedings of Rajya Sabha.
(English) This provides information on party-wise Rajya Sabha members.
(English) The Date-wise committee meetings schedule of Rajya Sabha provides the details of meetings and agenda. It includes details only in respect of Parliamentary Committees in which Rajya Sabha is represented.


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