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Basic Animal Husbandry is an annual publication of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries. It contains useful information such as estimates of major livestock products like milk, egg, meat and wool, livestock population of different species by age sex and uses Gross value added of Livestock sector, incidence of diseases, export and import of Livestock Products, infrastructure in Livestock sector etc.
Get questions' Answers Data of Session 239 of Rajya Sabha provided by various ministries/departments.
Bovine includes cattle, buffaloes, yak and mithun. Livestock census actually covers the census of livestock, poultry, implements and machinery used for livestock rearing. It is the only source for providing various kind of detailed information for these groups. Livestock Census conducted in every five years in India. India has largest livestock numbers in the world.
The data refers to information on Year and State/UT-wise Milk Production. It contains year and statewise data of total milk production and share of milk production by cows, buffaloes and goats .
The data refers to information about State/UT-wise Milk Production. It further provides details on number of animals in Milk, Average yield per animal in Milk and Milk Production by Cows, Goats and buffalos.
Get data on State/UT-wise Milk Production by Exotic/Crossbred Cows during the year. It further gives details regarding number of animals in Milk, Average yield per animal in Milk and Milk Production.
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