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LISS III data download : Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Resourcesat-1

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Provides free download of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Resourcesat-1 LISS III images of 2008 onwards. This four band multispectral data ( Green, Red, NIR, SWIR) with 24 metre spatial resolution and a swath of 141 km is Ortho-Rectified (WGS84 datum) and downloadable as image tiles in Geotiff format. Each tile is 15' x 15' and approximately 2-3 MB in size.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Dr. Vinod M Bothale
Group Director, Geoportals & Web GIS Services
Ministry/State/Department: Department of Space
Indian Space Research Organization
National Remote Sensing Centre
  • +91 4023884587
National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Govt. of India, Balanagar, Hyderabad - 500037