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Tamil Nadu

The data refers to number of Tank, Ponds and Ooranis by Corporation/Municipalities and Others in Tamil Nadu. It further provide details on the entities which are controlling such water bodies such as Municipality / Corporation, PWD, Revenue Department., Panchayat Union, HR and CE Department and Department of Fisheries.
The data refers to Urban Local Bodies in parameters like Grade, total number of wards, strength of councils, Number of reservations in SC, ST and Women of Municipalities within Tamil Nadu.
The data refers to Area-wise Population within corporations and municipalities in Tamil Nadu.
The data refers to population distribution across all urban local bodies in Tamil Nadu in various parameters like gender, SC, ST etc .
The data refers to road-wise details including Road length and width, Type of services available and Road types maintained by Coimbatore Municipal Corporation.
The data refers to Street Lights in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. The detail includes Street light category, Street Light (In Watts or KVA), Street Division name, Street Ward number and Street name.
The data refers to general Infrastructure within Coimbatore including Parks, Hospitals, Marriage hall and Market area. The detail includes the category of Infrastructure, Name of the infrastructure and ward number where in it is situated along with the body which maintains the infrastructure.
The data refers to Landmark data across wards in Coimbatore including address, points of Interest, Administration and ward number. This type of landmark data would typically provide the kind of facilities available within a single urban local body with the defining address and administration authority.
The data refers to Educational Institutions within Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. The details includes Educational Institution name, the category of educational institutions, Address, Area and Ward number where it is located.
The data refers to all the Assets within Urban-local bodies maintained by the Municipality/Corporation. The detail includes the Property ID, Asset Category and name, Ward number, Street name and Asset ID.


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