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The funds requirement for Urban Water Supply, Urban sewerage and sewage treatment, urban drainage, Solid waste management, MIS and RnD is shown in the table. The total amount estimated is Rs. 129237 Crore.
The quality of water and its distribution are areas that require special attention in the Eleventh Plan. The data refers to the status of city/town-wise access to drinking water. Facilities are almost absent in a large number of unauthorized and resettlement colonies and slum and squatter settlements. At certain places, cost incurred by the poor to fetch water is much higher than for valid connection holders. Waste water and sewage treatment and its reuse for non-potable purposes and industries are also limited and need attention.
The requirement of capex from all sources for the urban sector under 12th Plan as estimated by Working Group on Financing Urbanisation constituted by the Planning Commission for formulation of the 12th Five Year Plan.
Isher Ahluwalia Committee estimated the 20 years investment requirement from different sources for Urban water supply, sewage, solid waste management and storm water based on service level benchmark developed by Ministry of Urban Development.
Total 1053 number of projects sanctioned for urban water supply, sewerage, drainage and solid waste management under the Urban Infrastructure & Governance (UIG) & Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) components of JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) for which the level of investment is Rs.58,915 crore.
These estimates have been worked out at 2009-10 prices by Working Group on financing of urban infrastructure which was constituted by Planning Commission for 12th Five Year Plan.
High Powered Expert Committee (HPEC) under the Chairpersonship of Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia was constituted for estimating the investment requirements for urban infrastructure services. The estimates are worked out by committee at 2009-10 prices and by using the benchmarks of services standard developed by MOUD.
JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) has four components viz Urban Infrastructure and Governance (UIG) and Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) (implemented by M/o UD) and Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) and Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP) (implemented by M/o HUPA). In the projects, sanctioned under JNNURM, the per cent of assistance varies among different components. For example, under BSUP, 50% of project is covered by Central Govt. whereas under IHSDP/UIDSSMT, 80% cost is covered.
Statistics/Database from Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) on urban issues- coverage of urban services- sanitation, drinking water, solid waste etc. And other city-specific data
The data refers to data upto 2006-07 projects sanctioned under drought prone area program and the second table shows state-wise (2009-10 to 2012-13) data on integrated watershed management programme (IWMP).


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