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List of authorized/registered NGO's in India
Dataset on forts of Maharashtra, its latitude and longitude
I need data to build an app which will let you know what all scheme of govt fit for you. Then how to avail such facility and monitor and tracking.
Dataset of Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship (Research purposes)
List of Names of Vocational Training Centres State/region wise (Encorporate for Job creation)
Data on Fiscal policy of Haryana government including details of receipts and expenditure of Haryana government from 2005 to 2017 (Research work, Impact of Fiscal policy on Fiscal Sector Reforms in Haryana is my Research topic)
All India list of States with their Districts and Sub Districts
Migration of people from rural to cities
dataset of text files with Indian politicians speeches. (Visualiztion , sentiment analysis)
Police Stations & Judiciary (It will help lot of indians)


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