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The data refers to general Infrastructure within Coimbatore including Parks, Hospitals, Marriage hall and Market area. The detail includes the category of Infrastructure, Name of the infrastructure and ward number where in it is situated along with the body which maintains the infrastructure.
The data refers to Landmark data across wards in Coimbatore including address, points of Interest, Administration and ward number. This type of landmark data would typically provide the kind of facilities available within a single urban local body with the defining address and administration authority.
The data refers to all the Assets within Urban-local bodies maintained by the Municipality/Corporation. The detail includes the Property ID, Asset Category and name, Ward number, Street name and Asset ID.
The data refers to an overview of central road sector outlay and expenditure at current price for Eleventh Plan.
The data refers to an overview of achievement on National Highways (NHs).
The data refers to an overview of plan wise addition to National Highway length.
Please provide data on Public-private Partnership projects for road development.
Non-lapsable Central Pool of Resources scheme is to ensure speedy development of infrastructure in the North Eastern Region by increasing the flow of budgetary financing for new infrastructure projects/schemes in the Region. Both physical and social infrastructure sectors such as Irrigation and Flood Control, Power, Roads and Bridges, Education, Health, Water Supply and Sanitation - are considered for providing support under the Central Pool, with projects in physical infrastructure sector receiving priority.
I would like to have all the roads that are newly made and the amount that is being spent on these roads, who the contractor is. etc This will make sure proper accountability is maintained on this. Harsha
I suggest a dataset for "Ugly roads in your City"


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