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The data refers to Gross Enrolment Ratio in Classes I-V, VI-VIII and I-VIII across states. It gives state-wise details for girls and boys.
The data refers to details regarding the access to Safe Drinking Water to Households in India. It gives the figures relating to the access to safe drinking water in Rural and Urban households (through Tap, Handpump or Tubewell) for various years.
The data refers to the Index Numbers of Foreign Trade. It gives the Unit Value Index and Volume Index of Exports and Imports. It also shows the Terms of trade.
The data refers to India's Share in World Exports by Commodity Divisions and Groups (in US $ Mn) for various years. It gives details regarding World exports, India's exports and the percentage share of India's exports.
The data refers to Selected Indicators of Human Development viz. Life expectancy at birth, Infant Mortality Rate, Birth Rate and Death Rate for Major States in India. It provides details with respect to 15 Major states of India.
The data refers to the share and percentage growth/change of Major Exports for various years. It is observed that Manufactured goods had a substantial share in the Total Exports of India but it has rapidly declined in the subsequent years.
The data refers to the State-wise Infant Mortality Rate for various years. Infant mortality rate (IMR) is the number of deaths of children less than one year of age per 1000 live births. The data refers to gender-wise details as well.
The data refers to the State-wise Literacy Rates in India. It provides the Censuses figures (in per cent).
The data refers to the Total Number of Recognized Educational Institutions in India viz. schools, universities, professional education institutions and polytechnics. It provides state-wise details for each level and type of educational institution.
The data refers to the Seasonal Flow of Funds in the Scheduled Commercial Banks for various years. It gives the bi-annual details regarding the sources and uses of funds of the Scheduled Commercial Banks.


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