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Dairy Plant, Milk Chilling Centre and Bulk Milk coolers - Address, installed capacity, year of first time registration or certification obtained and most recent certification or registration obtained
milk consumption in india
Daily Milk prices- Cow and buffalo - Statewise
The data refers to information on scheme-wise budget estimate, revised estimate and actual expenditure for the year for Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture.
The data refers to information on Year and State/UT-wise Milk Production. It contains year and statewise data of total milk production and share of milk production by cows, buffaloes and goats .
Get data on State/UT-wise estimate of number of egg production. It also includes data of Estimated Number of Layers, Average Yield per Year and EGG Production from fowls and ducks.
The data refers to information on State-wise and year wise per capita availability of eggs in India.
The data refers to information on year and State/UT-wise Egg Production in India.
Poultry development is one of the important activities in livestock sector. Get data on Year-wise Eggs Production and Per Capita Availability of Eggs.
Get data on State/UT-wise Milk Production by Exotic/Crossbred Cows during the year. It further gives details regarding number of animals in Milk, Average yield per animal in Milk and Milk Production.


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