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State/UT-wise Seizure under Arms Act during 2016

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  • Title: Crime in India - 2016
  • Description: Catalog contains data of Crime in India - 2016. Get information on Cognizable crimes registered, IPC crimes, SLL cases, Violent crimes, Murder and culpable homicide not amounting to murder, Victims of murder, Victims of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, Murdered by use of fire arms, Unidentified dead bodies recovered and inquest conducted, Victims of kidnapping & abduction, Disposal of crime cases, Charge sheet of crimes, Complaint received and case registered under IPC and SLL, Conviction rate , Detail of courts and period of trials, Crimes committed against women, Victims of rape cases, Offenders relation and nearness to rape victims, Crimes committed against children, Crime committed against scheduled castes and schedule tribes, Property stolen & recovered and percentage recovery, Vehicles stolen, Recovered and co-ordinated, Dacoity cases, Robbery cases, Burglary cases, Theft cases, Cultural property (including antiques) stolen and recovered, Cognizable crime registered & their disposal, Juvenile delinquency under different crime heads, Juveniles apprehended, Disposal of juveniles arrested, Classification of juveniles arrested, Recidivism amongst persons arrested, Disposal of persons arrested, Deaths in police custody /lockup, Escapes from police custody, Reported custodial rape cases and their disposal, Persons arrested under custodial ,Rape and their disposal by police and courts, Event wise persons killed or injured under police firing, Police personnel killed or injured on duty, Police personnel died (natural deaths) while in service, Police personnel committed suicide while in service, Rank wise police personnel killed or injured on duty, Complaints/cases registered against personnel, Incidence of human right violation by police, Sanctioned and strength of civil police including district armed police, Information on police housing, Sanctioned and actual strength of home guards and auxiliary force, Equipments and transport support, Police stations by volume of crime, Police stations by strength of personnel, Organization setup, Representation of SCs/STs and muslims in police etc.
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  • Published on Data Portal: January 15, 2018
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri Surendra Panwar, IPS
Joint Director (A&T) and Data Controller
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Home Affairs
Department of States
National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)
  • +91 1126181442
East Block-7, R K Puram, New Delhi - 110066
State/UT-wise Seizure under Arms Act during 2016
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#: Data under clarification as figures are different from Cases Reported under Arms Act (55660); Total Arms Seized includes Seizures made by CAPFs.
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