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FDI Equity Inflows from the year 2000 till last quarter


Requests can be sent over HTTP. Data can be returned as JSON, XML, or JSONP.

Datastore API URL

Datastores can be queried at:

The default return format is JSON. XML can be retrieved with '.xml' at the end:

Request Parameters

  • filters (mixed) – array or string of matching conditions to select
  • offset (int) – offset this number of rows
  • limit (int) – maximum number of rows to return (default: 100)
  • fields (array or comma separated string) – fields to return (default: all fields in original order)
  • sort (array) – comma separated field names with ordering

Return Values

Return is in XML or JSON .

Return type:

A dictionary with the following keys

  • fields (list of fields) – fields/columns and metadata
  • success (int) – if the datafetch is suscess or not
  • count (int) – number of total matching records
  • records (list of dictionaries) – list of matching results

Returns the "field1", "field2", and "field3" fields for "field1_value" from specified resource sorting by the "field1" in ascending order.