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Attendance of the Members of Lok Sabha 15 for Monsoon Session 5

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Name: Smt. Sushma Rungta
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Ministry/State/Department: Lok Sabha Secretariat
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Room No. F046, Parliament Library Building, New Delhi , 110001.
Attendance of the Members of Lok Sabha 15 for Monsoon Session 5
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As per practice, members who are Ministers/having Ministers Rank, Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Speaker do not sign the Attendance Register. Salary and allowances of Ministers are governed by Salary and Allowances of Ministers of Parliament Act, 1952, its amendments made from time to time and rules made there under and are provided by the concerned Ministry. Salary and allowances of the Leader of Opposition is governed by the Salary and Allowances of the Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act, 1977 and rules made there under.; The data refers to details on the total number of days each member signed the member's attendance register of session 5 of Lok Sabha 15 from 26th July 2010 to 31st August 2010.
Download: 2 263