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The data refers the Indices of Wholesale Prices Fish & Food Articles.
Data refers to broad coverage of contribution of India in world that includes contribution in production of fish, percentage of contribution. It has detailed information on Marine and Inland fish production and statistics from other countries.
Data refers to the major and minor fishing harbours. It includes information about fish harbours at major ports, details of plan outlays and expenditure, number of minor fishing harbours and fish landing centres that constructed/ commissioned/ Under construction.
The data refers to state/Ut wise fish production in India. It contains detailed state and UT level information about the Marine/ Inland fish landing by species in broad spectrum. Detailed information is provided on disposition of fish catch and preserved and processed commodities.
The data refers to the Production of Major Livestock Products and Fish in India. It gives details regarding the production of major livestock products (Milk and Eggs) and Fish.
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