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Open Government Data Platform India - DON'Ts


      • Don’t contribute datasets which fall under the negative List e.g. the datasets which are confidential in nature and are in the interest of the country‘s security.
      • Don’t impose ‘Terms of Service’, attribution requirements, restrictions on dissemination and so on, which act as barriers to public use of data.
      • Don’t impose cost on the public for access of datasets, as imposing fees for access skews the pool of who is willing (or able) to access information.
      • Don’t publish hand written note, as it is very difficult for machines to process. Scanning text via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results in many matching and formatting errors. Information shared in the widely used PDF format is very difficult for machines to parse. Hence, the data in these formats should be avoided.
      • Data in non-Unicode formats should be avoided.
      • Don’t contribute datasets with any special characters (e.g. @, %, $, &, etc.) or missing values.
      • Don’t provide any explanation, including the method of calculation or source of data in data file to be attached in the web form.