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Wool and Meat Production

Get data on Estimates of yield rates and share of ram/weather, ewe, lamb in wool Production. It contains data of Ram/ Weather Sheeps shorn, Ram/ Weather Average Yield/ season, Ram/ Weather Wool Production, Ewes Sheeps shorn, Ewes Average Yield/season, Ewes Wool Production, Lamb Sheeps shorn, Lamb Average Yld./ season, Lamb wool Production, Wool annual Estimates.
Get data on Estimates of production, yield rates and share of animals in meat production. It contains data of estimated number of slaughtered animals, Average Yield/animal and Meat Production of Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Pig and Poultry.
Get data on Annual Estimates and share of fowls and duck in egg production. Data includes Average Number of layers, Average Yield per year and EGG Production of DESI Fowls, Improved Fowls, DESI Duck, Improved Duck and Others.
Get data on Estimates of yield rates, and share of cross breed, non-descript, buffalo and goats in milk production. It contains data of Average Animals in Milk, Average Yield/ day and Milk Production of Cows(Exotic), Cows(NON DESCRIPT), Buffalo and Goat, and percentage Change of Milk.
Get data on Major livestock products. Major livestock products consist of production of milk, egg, meat and wool. The estimated production for these livestock products are derived based on the results of Integrated sample survey conducted across the country.
Get data of State-wise estimates of Meat Production during the year. It also includes data of estimated Number of animals Slaughtered, Average Annual Yield per animal and Meat Production from Cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig and poultry.
Get data of State wise details of estimates of wool production during the year. It contains information on wool production from Ram/Wether, Lambs and Ewes. Further information like Estimated number of animal shorn and Average Yield per season are also provided in the data.
The data refers to year wise information about Production of Wool and Meat in India.
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