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India Exports

It contains merchandise annual Export data of India by principal commodities and countries. Data includes quantity and value in Million USD.
Get data on Exports of Textile Products like Fibre, Raw Silk, Silk Waste, Wool, Fine, Coarse Animal Hair, Wool Waste, Raw Cotton, Cotton Waste, Flax, Jute, Other Vegetable Fibre, Synthetic/Artificial Filament Tow, Man Made Staple Fibre, Yarn, Silk Yarn, Wool Yarn, Yarn of Animal Hair, Cotton Yarn, Cotton Sewing Thread, Flax Yarn, Jute Yarn, Other Vegetable Yarn, Man Made Filament Yarn, 100% Non Cotton Yarn and Sewing Thread, Fabrics, Silk Fabrics, Wool Fabrics, Woven fabrics of Cotton, Woven Fabrics of Flax and jute, Other Vegetable Fibres, Man Made Woven Fabrics, Pile Fabrics, Other knitted o
The data refers to details on country-wise India exports (quantity and value) by principal commodity.
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