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Ministry of Tourism
Foreign tourist arrivals refer to the number of arrivals of tourists/visitors. An individual who makes multiple trips to the country is counted each time as a new arrival. Foreign Exchange Earnings from tourism are the receipts of the country as a result of consumption expenditure, i.e. payments made for goods and services acquired, by foreign visitors in the economy out of the foreign currency brought by them. The number of Domestic Tourist Visits to different States and Union Territories (UTs) are being compiled based on the information received from them.
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Last Updated: 17/07/19
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Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Domestic tourism in a country has both economic and social importance. In order to understand the various aspects of domestic tourism and its contribution to the economy, the NSSO conducted a survey during its 65th round (July 2008-June 2009).The survey was designed to collect detailed information on 'domestic tourism' in India through a household survey to provide a comprehensive assessment of household characteristics, visitor characteristics, trip characteristics and expenditure characteristics.
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