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Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
Get data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Equity Inflows for various sectors. Various Sectors are Metallurgical Industries, Mining, Power, Non-conventional Energy, Coal Production, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Boilers and Steam Generating Plants, Prime Mover, Electrical Equipments, Computer Software & Hardware, Electronics, Telecommunications, Information & Broadcasting (including Print Media), Automobile Industry, Air Transport (including Air Freight), Sea Transport, Ports, Railway Related Components, Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Agricultural Machinery, Earth-moving Machinery, Mechanical & Engineering Industries, Commercial, Office & Household Equipments, Medical and Surgical Appliances, Industrial Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Mathematical,surveying and Drawing Instruments, Fertilizers, Chemicals , Photographic, Dye-stuffs, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Paper And Pulp , Sugar, Fermentation Industries, Food Processing Industries, Vegetable Oils And Vanaspati, Soaps, Cosmetics & Toilet Preparations, Rubber Goods, Leather,leather Goods And Pickers, Glue And Gelatin, Glass, Ceramics, Cement And Gypsum Products, Timber Products, Defence Industries, Consultancy Services, Services Sector, Hospital & Diagnostic Centres, Education, Hotel & Tourism, Trading, Retail Trading, Agriculture Services, Diamond,gold Ornaments, Tea And Coffee (processing & Warehousing Coffee & Rubber), Printing, Coir, Construction etc.
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Last Updated: 13/07/17
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