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NITI Aayog/Planning Commission
Get Macro Economic Indicators Summary Statistics of India. It contains GDP Growth Rates, Agriculture & Allied Sector Growth, Agricultural Sector Growth, Industry Growth, Services Growth, Consumption by Demand, Private Consumption by Demand, Public Consumption by Demand, Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCE), Consumption, Capital Formation, Gross Domestic Saving (GDS), Saving-Investment Gap, Broadest measure of money supply(M3) Growth, Bank Credit Growth, Bank Deposit growth, Fiscal Deficit, State Fiscal Deficit, Combined Deficit (Centre and State), Inflation - Wholesale Price Index (WPI), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Export,Import, Trade deficit, Invisibles, Current Account Deficit, Capital Account, Debt Service Ratio, Forex Assets, External Debt, Short Term Debt, Exchange Rate and Current Account.
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Last Updated: 09/07/15
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