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Wagon Usage

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Wagon usage statistics throw adequate light on most economic and judicious use of wagon available with the system. To ensure that the carrying capacity is fully utilised, move as much as possible and remain in good fettle, the following wagon usage statistics are compiled - (i) Wagon kilometres per wagon day figure is arrived at by dividing the kilometrage run by loaded and empty wagons, excluding brake vans and empty departmental wagons, by the wagon days. Wagon days are worked out by multiplying the average number of wagons on line daily by the number of days. This unit will give an idea of the efficient and economical use of the wagon stock available. (ii) Net tonne kilometres per wagon day unit is arrived at by dividing the net tonne kilometres by the wagon days on line. This result is the product of mobility and loading. (iii) Wagon turn round means the average time that it takes for a wagon to go through on complete cycle of loading, movement to destination, un-loading and next loading. In other words, it is also the interval in days between two successive loadings. (iv) Average wagon load during the run figure is arrived at by dividing the net tonne kilometres of goods traffic (carried basis) by the loaded wagon kilometres.
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Name: Dr. R. Badri Narayan
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Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Railways
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