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Technology Developments from DRDO in the fields of Electronics and Computer Sciences (ECS)

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DRDO exhibited its capability by developing the state-of-the-art electronic systems, which include Communication, Command and Control Systems, Radars, Electronic Warfare and Electro-optical systems. There is also Significant achievement of technology development in the areas of Advanced Computing, Image Processing, Microwave Tubes, Solid-state Materials, Devices and Lasers. Over the years DRDO has developed many outstanding technologies and product. Some of them are the Rohini Radar, 3D-CAR, Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), Bharani (Low Level Lightweight L Band 2D Radar), Ashlesha (3D Low Level Lightweight Radar), Maritime Surveillance Airborne Radar, Samyukta and Sangraha EW Systems. The domain in electronics, communications and computers include R&D on radars, electronic warfare, communication, optical and electrooptical instrumentation, crypto analytical tools, cryptography, microwave tubes, sensors (FPAs, SAW), radars, artificial intelligence, robotics, solid-state devices and subsystems, directed energy weapons (Lasers, MPMs), knowledge management, avionics and geographical/terrain information systems. The efforts of ECS cluster laboratories have made the country self-reliant in these technology areas.
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