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Teachers, enrolment and pupil teacher ratio by type of institutions

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A teacher is a person who is directly engaged in instructing a group of students. Head of the institution is counted as teacher. The research guiding staff, demonstrators, tutors and Directors of Physical Education & Physical Training Instructors will also be shown as teachers. Teachers registered as research scholars will be shown as teachers. However, research students doing teaching work will not be treated as teachers. Similarly, laboratory attendants, library clerks, game instructors, etc. who do not participate in teaching will not be treated as teachers. Number of pupils or students enrolled in a given grade/class or level of education on a specific point of time, regardless of age. Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) : Average number of pupils (students) per teacher at a specific level of education in a given school-year. Calculation method: Divide the total number of pupils enrolled at the specific level of education by the number of teachers teaching pre-dominantly at that level.
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