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Results of higher secondary examination of higher secondary open school examination board results

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Examination means the test of a students knowledge in prescribed subjects. Various Examination Boards have been established in the country for holding and conducting an examination at the end of Class XII, the Senior Secondary School stage. These boards also prescribe conditions of examinations including course of studies for such examination. Normally every year these Boards conduct Annual Examination in the month of February/March. Some of the Boards also conduct Supplementary Examination in the month of August/September on the basis of course/ syllabus as prescribed by the Government. The Examination results have assumed high importance for enabling students to enter job markets as well as for pursuing higher education. The result at the end of class XII is all the more significant as this leads students to enter tertiary level of education, including academic and professional courses of the university level. It is of vital importance to compile the results of Senior Secondary examinations conducted by various boards. Properly and systematically analyzed data on Examination results not only measure the efficacy of the educational system, it also indicates the flow of students from school level to higher education and job market. In Open Schools, system of examination is different from other State and Central Boards. A candidate can avail number of chances as prescribed by the board to appear in public examinations spread over a period of more than one year unlike a time span of one year for other boards. There is no bifurcation of regular and private students and also no system of supplementary examination in Open Boards.
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