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Project portfolios of DRDO

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DRDO undertakes projects in four different categories. They are Mission Mode, Technology Demonstration, Science and Technology and Infrastructure Development.ST projects are newly discovered or established scientific facts/principles are applied to drive technological advantage in the area of interest through ST projects. TD projects are undertaken to convert the technological feasibility into useable entities like sensors, components, devices, modules, etc. MM projects are aiming design and development of usable entities, i.e, sensor/system/equipment , where most of the required technologies have been already demonstrated and the confidence level is high , are taken up in MM. IF projects are advanced test and qualification facilities, which are not direct procurement cases, are created through IF projects.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri. Gopal Bhushan
Director, DESIDOC
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Defence
Department of Defence Research and Development
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
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Defence Scientific information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), Defence Research & Development Organisation, Metcalfe House, Delhi-110054.