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Households availing banking services and number of Households having each of the specified assets

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The data refers to details of Area Name, Total/Rural/Urban, Total number of households, availing banking services, Availability of assets Radio/Transistor, Television, Computer/Laptop With Internet, Without Internet, Telephone/Mobile Phone Land line only, Telephone/Mobile Phone Mobile only, Telephone/Mobile Phone Both, Bicycle, Motorcycle/Moped, Car/Jeep/Van, Households with TV Computer/Laptop, Telephone/mobile phone and Scooter/Car, None of the assets specified as mentioned at States/UTs and District level.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri Sanjay
Deputy Director General
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Home Affairs
Department of Home
Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India
  • +91 1123383157
  • +91 9312079165
Office of Registrar General, India, 2A, Mansingh Road, New Delhi