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Exploration and Production of Crude Oil & Natural Gas in India

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This catalog contains data on exploration and production activities of crude oil and natural gas in India. It contains data on Area-wise Development of Deep Drilling Rigs, Wells and Metreage Drilled; Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas; State-wise Gross and Net Production of Natural Gas in India; State-wise Utilisation of Domestic Natural Gas in India;Sector-wise Consumption of Natural Gas; Exploratory and Development Drilling by Oil Companies; Status of Wells;State-wise Geological Surveys Achievements; State-wise Achievements of Geophysical Field Parties in India since Inception; Basin-wise / State-wise Achievements of Drilling since Inception; State-wise/ Basin -wise Oil Fields in India;State-wise/ Area-wise Balance Recoverable reserves of Crude Oil and Natural Gas; Company-wise Balance Recoverable Reserves of Crude Oil and Natural Gas.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Ms. Indrani Kaushal
Economic Adviser
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • +91 1123383753
Room No. 210(a), A Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi