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Employment Registration in MP

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At present 51 Employment Exchanges are functioning in the State of Madhya Pradesh, 45 as District Employment Exchanges, 1 Town Employment Exchange, 1 Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped Persons, 1 Project Employment Exchange, 1 Coaching cum Guidance Centre for SC/ST, 1 Employment Exchange - Extension counter and 1 Directorate office. The main functions of the Employment Department are; Providing Vocational and Career Guidance to job-seekers who visit Employment Exchanges as well as to students of Schools Colleges and Universities, Publication and dissemination of occupational and career guidance literature, Providing employment assistance and guidance to those persons who are desirous of going abroad for employment, higher education or professional training, Disbursement of Un-employment Allowance to the educated un-employed registrants and Collection and compilation of statistics regarding Employment Market Information. The data describes about the details Comparative Performance of Employment Exchanges in the state of Madhya Pradesh on yearly basis. There are various details like Registration, Placement, Submission, Notified Vacancies and Live Register etc.