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Distribution Of Employment (Fourth All India Census of MSME 2006-07 : Unregistered Sector)

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State-wise and industry-wise distribution of employment in unregistered sectors by gender ,social category and type of enterprise have been provided in the data. The data has been sourced from Fourth All India Census of MSME 2006-07: unregistered Sector. It includes detailed information on Female Employment ,Male Employment, SC Employment, ST Employment, OBC Employment and Others Employment. Employment across various industries like agriculture, hunting, forestry, mining , food ,tobacco, textiles, wearing apparel, leather, wood, paper, publishing, printing, petroleum, chemicals, rubber, non-metallic mineral, metals, machinery, equipment office, accounting, radio, TV, medical, motor vehicles, trailers, transport equipment, furniture, recycling, electricity, gas, construction, automotive fuel, wholesale trade, commission trade, repair, maintenance, personal goods, household goods, retail trade, hotels, restaurants, land transport, supporting, auxiliary transport, travel agents, post, telecommunications, real estate, research and development, education, health, social work, recreational, cultural and sporting etc. are also included in the data.
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