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Daily Details of Enrolments Processed

Catalog Info

The data refers to Aadhaar Generated and Enrolment Application Rejected cases with respect to Registrar, Enrolment Agency, State, District, Sub district, Pin Code, Gender, Age, Residents providing email, Residents providing Mobile. State, District, Pin Code, Gender and Age is considered from the Enrolment information of resident. Aadhaar Generated and Rejected is calculated once UIDAI successfully validates an enrolment and confirms approval or rejection of enrolment application. File format used for data is CSV. If data is not available for any combination then it is represented as "0". The date for which the count refers to has been mentioned in the file name. The typical filename of the dataset is UIDAI-ENR-DETAIL-YYYYMMDD.csv, where YYYYMMDD connotes to the specific date for which the details of count has been mentioned in the dataset.