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Capital Receipts

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This data pertains to capital receipts (major head-wise) of all states including UTs and Union Governments from year 2000 to 2011.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri N K Sah
Principal Director
Ministry/State/Department: Comptroller And Auditor General of India(CAG)
  • +91 1123607369
Office of CAG, 10 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110124
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This data pertains to the years 2000 to 2011.; Contains Major head-wise figures for Union Govt. and States including Delhi and Puducherry; MAJOR HEAD: - It is a four digit number which represent function of the Government e.g. 2059 - Public Works; 2055 - Police; ABBREVIATIONS USED: - TR: Tax Revenue; NTR: Non-Tax Revenue; RRGIA: Revenue Receipt - Grants in Aid; TRR: Total Revenue Receipt; REGS: Revenue Expenditure - General Service; RESS: Revenue Expenditure - Social Service; REES: Revenue Expenditure - Economic Services; REGIA: Revenue Expenditure - Grants in Aid; TRE: Revenue Expenditure - Total; LAGS-R: Loans and Advances - General Service - Receipt; LASS-R: Loans and Advances - Social Service - Receipt; LAES-R: Loans and Advances - Economic Service - Receipt; LAOT-R: Loans and Advances - Others - Receipt; TLA-R: Loans and Advances - total - Receipt; LAGS-D: Loans and Advances - General Service - Disbursement; LASS-D: Loans and Advances - Social Service - Disbursement; LAES-D: Loans and Advances - Economic Service - Disbursement; LAOT-D: Loans and Advances - Others - Disbursement; TLA-D: Loans and Advances - Total - Disbursement; CAT 2 CODE: - U: Union Government; UT: For Delhi and Puducherry; G: General Category States; S: Special Category States; NA: - Not Available.