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Attendance of the Members of Rajya Sabha for the Session

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Each Session of Rajya Sabha starts from the date of commencement of its first sitting and concludes when the House is prorogued by the President.The Sessions are given consecutive numbers. Generally during a year three sessions of the Rajya Sabha are held, as follows-First Session (Budget Session) held between mid or late February to mid May has a Budget break from mid March to mid April to enable Department-related Committees to consider and report on Demands for Grants of the various Ministries. Second Session (Monsoon Session) is generally held in mid July to end of August. Third Session (Winter Session) is held from end of November to end of December. Before entering the Council Chamber, a member has to record his presence in the Attendance Register which remains placed in the Inner Lobby and he has to sign it every day to mark his presence at the sittings of the House. For the convenience of members the Attendance Register has been split up into four parts and each part is kept on a separate rostrum in the Lobby. Members should be present in the House a few minutes before the scheduled time, which is ordinarily 11.00 a.m. At the appointed time in the House the Marshal announces the arrival of the Chairman, whereupon the Chairman immediately enters the Chamber. Members should stop all conversation, be in their seats and rise in their places. Members who enter the House at that time should stand silently in the gangway, till the Chairman takes the Chair and thereafter they should go to their seats. The data contains details on the total number of days each member signed the members attendance register of Rajya Sabha during the Session.The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India.
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